ContactThe Consolidated Reality blog is a member of the Consolidated Reality, LLC family. We are committed to the concept that our cultures impact all facets of our lives, including information technology (IT).  This blog, and our company take an integrated approach to these two topics. We are dedicated to exploring each individually and together. We are seeking understanding, challenge identification, and solutions.

With a strong background in science, technology, and IT our founder, Shane Collier, takes a pragmatic and objective look at these two topics. However, these views will be through the lens of his culture, so input from others is most welcome.

Some areas of this blog site include:

  • Ships Blog – general collection of observations and opinions that don’t fit elsewhere.
  • Culture – All things culture related, including international, organizational, and IT.
  • Finding Hofstede – topics surrounding the work of Culture pioneer Geert Hofstede.
  • Information Technology – Yup you guessed it: IT

Associated Consolidated Reality sites that add to the conversation are:

  • ConsolidatedReality.com – The company website contains basic information on the firm and the services offered.
  • ConsolidatedReality.blog – This site, supports education, topic development, and conversation
  • Facebook – Provides a location for announcements, updates, and general feedback.
  • Twitter (@ConsolidatedRTY) – Twitter provides the opportunity for real-time dialog with this culture/IT community.
  • YouTube – Videoblogs of travel, general commentary, and 360-degree images of locations visited.

Please feel free to contact us at contact@ConsolidatedReality.com